Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sleeping soundly

Need I say more. I really loves cats. He is the calm one. 
He needs a do not disturb sign. Isn't he cute? 

Chester and Chow Chow

I came in one night and this is what I saw. Don't they look cute. I could not pass up this shot. Chester (brown) and Chow Chow. Just makes your heart melt. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Does your iPad need storage??

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD 16GB USB Flash Drive For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Mac/PC 

I saw this on Amazon and thought to myself, I could really use this. I have an Apple iPad 2, 32G, now down to about 10G. Um....Yeah!!! My family says technology is bad for me. I am starting to believe them.

Since I am taking up photography, I could use it to keep all my pictures on. Important documents  and so forth. It will definitely come in handy. 

What would you use it for????


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bussing it

This is life for most.

 If the owner of said face(s) objects, I will take down the posting off blog. 
                             Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rainy night

This is a night where it was raining pretty good one night while home. Thought it made a good shot. 

More flowers


Life thru bus stop pole

thought this was a fun shot. This is the bus stop I catch the 11 when I get off work.

Flying in midair

After the rain

I am very proud of this picture. It has great detail. What do you think? 


I was able to get a close up. How beautiful!!

Lovely Rays

This morning at the bus stop

Monday, October 20, 2014

New addition to the family

Since I love cats and there were strays outside our house, my family decided that they would get one for me. This one came first. I wanted to name her double stuff but eventually the kids named her Chow Chow. I gave them baths and deflead them, which was not a pretty sight. 
                  Chow Chow then 
Chow Chow now.
But then I figured that she shouldn't be alone. So I went out to get a sibling. I first named him Goldie, but the kids named him Chester
                    Chester then
                   Chester now

I really loves these cats, I love cats periods. Animals periods but cats especially. Hubby still trying to get use to them. He love dogs. 

Life or there lack of in Bloomfield

I go to the Bloomfield Library during my break. And I see this person ever so often. I thought it woukd make a great photo. I love the b/w, I think this picture speaks volumes.
 If the owner of said face(s) objects, I will take down the posting off blog. 
                             Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation 

A Flower

I was out and I saw this. So I took a picture.

My lips

My feet

I just felt like takkng a picture.

Office building


Can you find the spider

There's a spider in there!!!


Welcome to my photo blog. I recently started taking up photography and would like to share with you what I saw.